Converse Law helps businesses get
deals done on time and on budget.

Being the ‘converse’ of other law firms, we’ve built a business based on our clients’ feedback. You told us that you like our senior lawyer approach, where you don’t get passed to a junior lawyer (so we don’t have any). You like obtaining expert advice, from lawyers who understand your business. You appreciate being offered fixed and capped fees, so you have control of your costs.

You enjoy dealing with solicitors who have a sense of humour. The law isn’t always a barrel of laughs but we like to have some fun along the way!

If you’re not already a client of Converse Law, we’d love to speak to you. Please get in touch.

We're based in Cheltenham and work with clients all over the UK.


The A-Team

Just like a crack commando unit but without the explosions, tanks and dodgy beards. Meet the team →

We love to talk
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